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Wessex Lifts have resumed operations post COVID-19 closure and look forward to offering our product range once again to the market.

Residential Elevators, Designed for Homes

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Lifts, Perfectly Suited to the Home

A Wessex Through-Floor Lift will help future-proof your home, add value to your house and are designed to improve quality of living.

Designed with the utmost care and attention, when you buy a Wessex product, you are buying the quality, safety and service that go with it.

Why Choose A Wessex Home Lift?


With a wide range of sizes available and a virtually infinite number of options when it comes to the look and feel of your lift, a Wessex lift isn't just 'a' home lift, it's 'your' home lift.

High Quality

A major advantage of our lifts being manufactured in the same place as primary HQ, is that we are able oversee every step of the manufacturing process. What we end up with reflects the time, diligence and effort that goes into crafting every Wessex product.


Our lifts are easy to find a place for and even easier to install. A standard Wessex Home Lift shouldn't take more than 2 days to fit.

With minimal building work, they represent a perfect balance between the ease of installation you get with a traditional stairlift (without the downsides, including having to obstruct your staircase) and the dignified travel experience that comes with a passenger lift (without taking up a lot of space in the home and without having the disruption of major building works).

Elesse Specification

Our Elesse is synonymous with quality. It is the absolute pinnacle of over 40 years in design, and makes use of all we have learned about delivering an unrivaled quality of product in terms of design, functionality, usability and comfort.

Designed with the smallest footprint of any Wessex Home Lift, it is perfectly designed for residential dwellings.

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How to buy a Wessex Lift?

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Get in Contact with us to find a Wessex authorised dealer near you.

Quotation Visit

Your Wessex dealer will likely conduct a site survey, to provide you with a quotation for the lift.


After a date has been agreed upon, installation can take as little as a day, once minor building work has been completed.